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AUG 19th 2013.

VIIDRIO.COM ...finally i bought back, and now I am working on new stuff again. I was distracted by other creative ventures. I am currently working on 2 new designs. hopefully it will be done before this months end.

APR 23rd 2011.

VIIDRIO.ORG . I apologize for the technical issues this site has had in the recent months. WWW.VIIDRIO.COM is now WWW.VIIDRIO.ORG AND .NET. The company that owns the .COM domain does not want to facilitate me the right...very sad...but I guess that's how some sharks make money. Either way I am sure they want a ridiculous amount of money which I will not have access to in this lifetime. Please note now... again, that this is no longer .COM but simply just WWW.VIIDRIO.ORG, OR VIIDRIO.NET. I also want to thank everyone for making my passion a real gift, and that means everyone who has supported this project in every way through the years.

MAY 1st 2010.

BOXED AND LABELLED. This is a publication from earlier this year that I never got to post about. This was actually published and released late last year overseas... and released early 2010 here in the U.S. Boxed and Labelled ...well the title is self explanitory but this wonderful book features some of the best package design from 2009 (not just because my pieces where mentioned). The mounds of creativity and choices Gestalten put together in this book is phenomenal. It does not stick to just one realm of packaging, it covers basically the best creative packaging from 2008/2009 and focuses on new approaches to packaging design. I have seen many books about packaging and this one falls in my top 5. If you have not seen it I recommend you purchase a copy, you can find it at and also at Barnes&Noble which is where I found it... but it is definitely a book to check out to inhale some inspiration.

PS. There's a little hidden design in the website somewhere ( I guess you can say this is a pre-sale) it is only limited to 7 pieces, Its a Black V-neck cut shirt. If you find it and purchase one...well... then youre in luck. If not I will announce the official release soon :).

APRIL 30th 2010.

Yes I know...It's been a while since I have updated this section and informed you of new work. I am back with loads of designs and new pieces. I will be giving more news all through out the month of May. Today I am informing you of a much needed revision for a previous design. The shirt was called "Addict" and it has now been changed to "Cacao" which makes much more sense then the previous design. This new updated design displays a Cacao tree... which we all know is where chocolate originates from. I already love tree designs and this one will surely fit well with the overall theme. Also... I am upgrading/revising 2 other designs that are currently in the shopping cart. New pieces will be uploaded soon as well...stay tuned.

AUGUST 23rd 2009.

I finally continue the Flower-Tech series with the addition of "BLOOM 09". This one does have the embroidered package style that I did for Flower-Tech 2.0, but with an upgrade. I have made the design on the packaging to follow the theme of "bloom" by presenting the blooming behavior that starts out from the printed band to extend into the lid. I also added a contrast by cutting the shapes of the petals to show off the original color from the aluminum.

The 4th design from the Flower-Tech series will be simply called "Dandelion", this design also follows the fiction story that takes place in the future, which will close-and-end- with-the 5th design called "Leaf-Tech". These designs where the original designs that started VIIDRIO back when the whole project was called "Essential Compound". The Flower-Tech design was just a graphic illustration that was suposse to decorate the old website. Later on I sketched another version and in the process a little world started brewing in my head. Characters and a brief story line then started to come to life. And through all of that, more-and-more designs,art and concepts came about.

JULY 20th 2009.

The new addiction: ADDICT has now been updated into the SHOP section of the website. This is not an edible item, but comes pretty close. ADDICT is 100% sugar-free, and 100% organic. The box is not directly printed, therefore it can be re-used for packaging or gifting an item of that size, the box was also scented with a chocolate spray (vegan friendly). I have also decided to price ADDICT at a lower-then-usual amount, due to the fact that I have noticed alot of comments on blogs and forums, where many expressed their wish for my designs to be more accessible price wise. I will try to continue this for future designs, and also retrospect to lower the price on previous released items.

I will include 3 images here in the NEWS section in my next post- to give you a sneak preview of the next 3 designs I am working on for viidrio. ADDICT was a fun little idea I had a few months back (because I am indeed very much addicted to Chocolate) and wanted to finish it, and release it, before the other designs. I try not to get stuck in one theme. I want to keep it interesting for myself (and for you as well). I don't want to just keep releasing flower designs, but I will get back to that in the next design. I have also more publication features to share with you in the near future. Thank you all for your support!,your emails, and wonderful comments regarding my designs.Thank you all!

JULY 3rd 2009.

What a busy month June was. Fun and eventful as well. I'll be updating the cart section very soon (I know, I know, I promised before, but this time I will deliver) after I am done taking pictures. In the meantime I will share with you the latest publication feature I was in.

MONITOR is an international design magazine which mainly focuses on architecture design, and innovative design (they also cover furniture and packaging). Before this copy, I had only browsed through the previous issue. But now that I took careful time to read Monitor, I have to say that this magazine is extremely wonderful!. They did an amazing job covering Milan 09- by interviewing some of the designers that were exhibiting this year (which was probably my favorite section in this issue).

Overall the quality of the magazine is great, perfect stimulting articles and delightful crisp images to accompany them. Most-of-all they got my attention because their style focus, design wise, is very similar to mine. Therefore this issue was a good source of inspiration.

For the record- I am expressing my gratitude to editorial staff of MONITOR for covering my Tofu Killa design, and thank you for creating a wonderful, and stimulating magazine. More publication features to share with you later on!. Stay tuned for the "ADDICT" shirt design coming very soon. And get the # 54 "Crisis Of Ideas" issue of MONITOR, you won't regret it, I promise!

JUNE 2nd 2009.

I am currently working on other projects that have me a bit tied up for the moment and away from viidrio. I will be presenting a new shirt plus packaging the next time I update this site. That shirt is called "ADDICT". There's also a new bag coming soon after.

Once I am done with the current project (which should be soon) I will shift back to viidrio and finish the 2 designs I mentioned above. I also have new pictures of the last publication I was featured in, which I will share with all of you by next week. Thank you all for your support and purchases! Any other questions you may have can be directed to:

MAY 3rd 2009.

Second publication feature for 2009 comes from HOW design magazine in their May/June issue (in their "Behing the Design" section). I have been a fan of the magazine for years now, I've always liked what they brought to the table when it comes to reporting good packaging design, and overall design. My thanks goes out to the editorial staff at HOW. If any of you are new to HOW magazine... I suggest you pick one up. It is definitely worth the look (my sister read the magazine for the first time and she really liked the articles in this issue).

There are more publication features coming in the following weeks. I will include those images in this section when they are officially published.

Aside from all that, April has been a crazy and busy month. I want to thank everyone for all your purchases. Thank you for all your support and interest in my designs!

Theres so much more to come next month. I am involved in a couple of projects along with working on 2 new shirt designs + packaging. I am very happy for the packaging on these designs coming up. They are both a bit more ambitious then usual, but I am enjoying the process and can't wait to show you the final finished pieces. Once these 2 shirts are done I really want to focus on wallets and different types of bags. Overall... there's MORE from VIIDRIO in MAY! and soon after, stay tuned!

APRIL 14th 2009.

I have updated the shopping cart with "SKULLAVERA" the first viidrio tote- bag design. It is made with Eco-Fi(a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles). Lined with 100% organic cotton and embroidered with GUITAR STRINGS!!. I've had the idea of embroidering with guitar strings for years now...but I never came to use in an actual design. I remember telling my co-worker at my last job (circa 2005-2006) about the use of guitar strings and he was tired of me mentioning them. Finally I get to use them!! (some are recycled, some are new).

Recently I have been brainstorming alot more, with a variety of materials and always looking for a different approach to my products. More to come soon!

APRIL 13th 2009.

I am finished with the first basic tote bag design. It is made with both 100% organic cotton and ECOFI felt (fabric made out of 100% recycled water bottles). I am also using something different in the main design... but you will see it once it is up on the shop section (which is either tomorrow or the day after).

I am also out of the first TRIAD design. I have updated the cart with the new Triad color (Ultraviolet). Thank you all for your purchases and support. I will update the cart within the next day with the first viidrio tote design.

MARCH 31st 2009.

It is here... TRIAD!. Available now for purchase in the SHOP section. TRIAD is limited to ONLY 36 pieces!. The embroidered design also glows-in-the-dark. The first 12 buyers will receive a small drawstring bag (100% organic cotton) that packages the shirt. I initially thought about using a triangular box to package the shirt but it would have not created that "re-usable" option. Later I thought about making a triangular bag and placing it inside... or just creating an origami type of packaging. Instead I combined both ideas and used the bag to create the pyramid shape for anyone to have the option to undo the shape and keep the drawstring bag for any use. The bag also contains a continuation to the main design.

In another news.. I will be working soon on the first piece of my art series. These pieces will be extensive but they will be all one-of-a-kind original pieces. And definitely they will have something special and interesting to them. There's so many more designs to look forward to that I will give you more detail about in later updates. But I also need to take a break from viidrio for a good solid week at least. If you have any questions regarding shipping or just about anything else, please feel free to contact me at: .

MARCH 29th 2009.

I will update the cart today or tomorrow with the "TRIAD" design. I apologize for the delay, alot of times the process of updating the shopping cart after a design is finished takes longer then expected. Theres so many little details to take into account that show-up at the last minute. After this, I am going to take a 1 week break from placing new designs and just concentrate on press related homework and shipping out orders.

MARCH 25th 2009.

I am done with the next design and it will be up in the next day (or 2...tops!) I really like this design and yes it does include packaging. Well... actually it is more like an addition to it but and it is a form of packaging. As always I try to reduce waste when I include any accessories or packaging to a shirt design. The name of this shirt design is called "TRIAD" It is in relevant to the "Circuitree" and "Flowertech" signature design style (but is not part of the Flowertech series). "TRIAD" will only be available to a limited quantity of 100 pieces for $16.95 (only the first dozen will include the special packaging). After this piece is done I will concentrate on my first embroidered art piece.

MARCH 13th 2009.

Enter:TOFU KILLA! I finally bring you the T-shirt design I have been talking about for a while that included the HDPE#2 plastic. Quite a few versions of this design were made until I was completely content with the one you see here on the website. I have had the idea of using the tofu plastic packaging for about a year. It took me a long time to get the details and idea to the point I was happy with (whenever I worked on the Tofu Killa design). This is more of a fun shirt but it definitely sends a message. TOFU KILLA is available now for purchase in the SHOP section. If you purchase this shirt with any other shirt designs I will refund you the shipping fee for the complete order (email me for refund). This applies to U.S and International shipping.

The next item up on the site will be a very interesting art piece followed by another interesting t-shirt design. The actual designs are finished for these pieces but I will work on the final details soon (and yes this next t-shirt will have a different type of packaging). I will try to update with more news this week or the next. Thank you all for your purchases of CircuiTree, I was very happy to receive such a great feedback for that design.

Also for any future purchases please be patient with the shipping time as I might not have your size right away and or I could be behind in catching up to all the orders. But rest asure everyone DOES get their shirts.

FEB 4th 2009.

First publication feature of 2009 comes from GDR Creative Intelligence in their Global Innovation report for the month of January. I have not had a chance to look at the whole book, only a few pages. But the pages I did view speaks a lot about their attention to detail and efficiency when it comes to reporting good design that comes from all over the world. I want to thank everyone at GDR once again for their interest in my packaging design (everyone over at GDR seem to be very attentive and top-of-things when it comes to their publishing and overall work)

There are a couple more publication features coming in the following months. I will include those images in this section when they are officially published.

In other news: I currently working on card designs. I am almost finished with the first Greeting Card design and should be up sometime this week hopefully. That design will also include something especial and different(which is something I am always aiming for) Also the other previously mentioned design that included the HDPE#2 plastic packaging will be delayed until I am completely content with the final outcome.

FEB 3rd 2009.

CIRCUITREE IS FINALLY UP! I apologize for the long delay! You can view it and purchase it in the SHOP section. Also if you purchase this shirt with any other shirt design I will refund you the shipping fee for the complete order (email me for refund). This applies to U.S and International shipping. This offer will only be available for this month. Also the folks over at IHEARTLUXE.COM where kind enough to mention my Flower-Tech design. Thanks IHEARTLUXE!

DEC 3rd 2008.

This week has been insane. I have been extremely busy in other projects and also taking care of your orders. I have not had a chance to add CIRCUITREE to the cart yet. Circuitree will be an olive green, organic tee. But this shirt will not include packaging. The other design I had mentioned here with the HDPE#2 packaging will probably not make it this month. I apologize for the delay in updating my shopping cart and adding new products. Thank you all for your patience

NOV 23th 2008.

I just found another post today at DAI DESIGN. It is always a delight to know that other creative minds look at my work and also have the time to write comment about it. Thank you!

Also... I am finished with CIRCUITREE (which is another design from the FLOWER TECH SERIES). This shirt will be added to the shopping section in a couple of days. After that, only 2 more designs are left to finish before the year ends. From those 2 designs, one of them will be a basic tote bag cut. But this design will have alittle twist to it. I always try to add something to every design to make it slightly special. This will also be a limited run (I have not figured out how many pieces yet).

NOV 20th 2008.

Glad to see a post about me in SUB-STUDIO.COM. I have been a fan of that site for a long time, and has become a source of inspiration as well. My thanks to Anna over at SUB STUDIO.

NOV 18th 2008.

Working on a new shirt design + packaging. The packaging will be made with repurposed HDPE #2 plastic. This will be more of a fun design and concept. I will only make a limited run of 36 pieces. Hopefully this will be done by next week and available for purchase soon after.

NOV 14th 2008.

Post about "Inner Labyrinth" at David Report. It is always good to know others pay attention to my designs.

NOV 13th 2008.

Another publication (this time from London) will feature my work in an article for the designs and packaging of Flower Tech 2.0 and Inner Labyrinth. The publication strongly focuses on merchandising and packaging solutions. The article will be published in December. Images of the magazine and article will be posted here on a later date.

NOV 12th 2008.

"Inner Labyrinth" + packaging is finished and is available for purchase in the SHOP section of the site.

NOV 6th 2008.

I received a notice today that there will be an article about my designs in an upcoming January issue of a design/graphics magazine in Turkey (name of the magazine will be announced when the article is published). Too bad I won't be able to get a physical copy. But at least I get to see the article in PDF format. I will post a picture of the article here as soon as I get it.

OCT 24th 2008.

I am currently editing the 5 piece FLOWER TECH series and they should be available to purchase on the viidrio shop soon. The 5 pieces include: FLOWER TECH 2.0, (already available) DANDELION 3.0, LEAF TECH, BLOOM TECH 2.5, and CIRCUITREE (which is probably my most ambitious embroidery design to date). I am also working on another vegan design, and a piece called “Inner Labyrinth” (which will also include the embroidered tin package)

OCT 23rd 2008.

I am thankful and honored to have been mentioned in a few design sites in the past week, from,, to and a few others. I thank you all for your kind words and      comments about my work.